Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments

Do you have unsightly and painful varicose veins or spider veins you want to get rid of? Utilizing the latest laser and minimally invasive technology, we can eliminate varicose and spider veins in the leg and the painful symptoms that may accompany them.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Your veins carry deoxygenated blood back to your heart. If any of these veins contain faulty valves that leak, have a lack of valves, or have deformities that impair the normal flow of blood, veins may become enlarged or varicose. They often look like blue swollen areas beneath the skin. Recent research suggests that varicose veins may be inherited and appear at any time during a patient’s life.

Treatment is available for varicose and spider veins. Learn more about your options below and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Laser Treatment

In the past, the only option was somewhat barbaric vein stripping, which involved mechanically stripping the vein out of the leg. Laser treatment has many benefits:

  • Laser treatment is surprisingly painless; there is no surgical incision involved.
  • While you may experience some tenderness following the procedure, most patients report immediate relief from their varicose vein symptoms and do not even need to take any form of pain relief medication.
  • The recovery time is much shorter. You can resume your normal activities the very same day!
  • Most of the veins treated are virtually invisible, even to ultrasound, 12 months after the procedure.

We use endovenous ablation to eliminate larger varicose veins. This revolutionary varicose vein treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser energy to seal off these faulty vessels and divert blood flow to nearby healthy veins.

Using ultrasound to visualize the enlarged vein, Dr. Charlie Han will insert a catheter through the skin and position it within the abnormal vein. Next he will insert a laser fiber through the catheter to the desired location and apply the laser energy, which heats the vessel and causes it to close. Following the procedure, the faulty vein will shrink and "scar down."

Although endovenous ablation may be used for cosmetic purposes, it is more commonly used to alleviate the symptoms associated with the circulatory problems caused by varicose veins, including pain, swelling, skin discoloration, restless leg syndrome and skin irritations or ulcers.


Dr. Han may recommend a procedure called microphlebectomy for smaller varicose veins. Microphlebectomy is the removal of the damaged part of veins through a series of small vertical incisions. The procedure is minimally invasive, requires only local anesthesia to numb the skin over the vein and is performed in our office, typically in less than an hour. There is very little bleeding involved, no stitches required, and little to no scarring.

Following the procedure, the doctor will apply a sterile dressing, and you will need to wear compression stockings for one to two weeks to help to minimize bruising. With microphlebectomy, there is little to no down time required; you can usually resume your normal daily activities a day after the procedure, although you should avoid strenuous activities for one week. Microphlebectomy is frequently used in combination with sclerotherapy (see below) for spider veins.


Smaller varicose veins, or dilated capillaries, produce fine purple colored lines commonly known as spider veins. Foam sclerotherapy, an effective treatment for spider veins, involves injecting small amounts of a foamed medication into the affected veins. The solution seals off blood flow, diverts blood to healthy veins nearby and causes the veins to shrink and eventually dissolve.

Foam sclerotherapy treatments are a quick, minimally invasive office procedure. Depending upon the size of the areas to be treated, one sclerotherapy treatment may resolve the problem area, although multiple treatment sessions may be needed to achieve your desired results.

Following foam sclerotherapy injections, you can immediately return to your normal daily activities, although you will need to wear compression stockings for several days to minimize bruising. It may take up to six weeks for the veins to disappear completely, but once they are gone, they will not reappear.

Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatments

Medical necessity determines whether insurance will cover varicose and spider vein treatments. Our doctors document findings in your record, and our staff will communicate directly with the insurance company and provide them with all documentation necessary to facilitate determination of benefits and coverage. We have had extremely good luck with insurance companies covering these procedures.

Dr. Han has extensive experience and training in laser ablation, microphlebectomy, and foam sclerotherapy varicose vein treatments. These methods have been proven effective in thousands of cases. Dr. Han performs vein treatments at Endosurg Outpatient Center in Lady Lake, Florida and at Lake Surgery and Endoscopy Center in Leesburg, Florida.

Get rid of your unsightly and painful varicose veins or spider veins today! Call our Lady Lake or Leesburg office in Lake County, Florida to schedule an appointment, or use our online appointment request form.

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